Caring for your wool


Before it is washed, we suggest the wool product is combed with a stiff clothes brush. This step is important in preventing the formation of pellets.
Hand-wash Icelandic wool products separately by soaking in cool water (not exceeding 30℃) for no more than 30 minutes. Only use detergents that are wool-safe and bleach-free.


Wool must be rinsed in the same temperature that it was washed.


A laundered jersey must not be hanged. Instead, it should be wrapped in a towel and squeezed until semi-dry. Then, it should be laid out on a flat surface and left to dry at room temperature. Knitted wool should not be dried in the immediate vicinity of a radiator and the sun. Once the item is dry, we recommend you comb it once more with a stiff clothes brush - this will make it soft and fluffy.

Please note: Products with natural fur and leather cannot be washed! Such shoes or other products should only be dry-cleaned. Adherence to these simple rules will preserve your favorite Icelandic wool garment for many years; its only drawback is - longevity.


The symbols for care used in the labeling of our products are in accordance with Textile Labelling and Advertising Regulations of Canada.

Wash gently by hand in water not exceeding 30℃.

Do not bleach.

Iron with or without steam by hand, or press on commercial equipment, at a low temperature (not exceeding 110℃). Recommended temperature for acetate, acrylic, modacrylic, nylon, polypropylene and spandex textiles.

Do not wring.

Do not tumble dry.

Dry-clean, normal cycle. Any solvent except trichloroethylene.

After extraction of excess water, dry the article on a suitable flat surface.